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In 2017, I held a position as a full-stack developer for Multi-National Company. At that time, by using the Fujitsu-RunMy Process application, I managed to develop eight (8) cloud workflow automation, and it was almost unbelievable for me. Such a software system was suitable for small businesses or enterprises used. You may click here Link for more information about it. So far, the applications I have developed were suitable for a stop-gap measure for small companies or enterprises. On a similar note, it was more for a short-term used while the company was obtaining better solutions or producing new products. To my knowledge, most of the Multi-National Companies were using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) where it functions to integrate processes across business functions. For examples, applications such as System Applications Products (SAP), JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or JDE, and many more. There were quite numbers of resources limitation on change or fixed in ERP that lead to management decision. This was used for developing internal workflow automation by using RunMyProcess. It is available in my GitHub repo Link (please click here for more information). It contains JavaScript for application development. In addition to Angular JS application involved JavaScript of which I learned while I was developing the web applications with RunMyProcess. My opinion, Angular JS was such an amazing application, and tough as compared to other applications. This also was mentioned in some web developers’ articles on how they struggles developing the application. The testing part was the most crucial and I almost gave up and left it for almost a year when I came across with many errors.

However, in 2018, I was quite a surprise to know that most of the organisations required experience Angular JS knowledge as part of the roles of “dotnet” developers in the job requirements column despite the difficulties in using it. As many web developers could learn Angular in many ways. Likewise, at my working place, many new technologies are available to grasp from online such as LinkedIn Learning & Plural Sight. The most important thing is I can learn it for free! I feel very lucky to be part of web developers in my current workplace. I grab all the opportunity to learn Angular and “become an AngularJS Developer”. Please check more information here(Link). One thing for sure, I learned new thing at every error I experienced. Even though it took me for at least an hour to fix it. Like the proverb says, “Slowly but surely”.