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Best Practices in Github


I was using SVN for source control in year 2017 and then in 2018 my organization introduce GitHub to all developers. In my opinion, there’s a lot of advantages and benefits for developers when using this tools. We developers must follow best practices when using GitHub. At first, I was wondering how team lead able to provide strategic method when use GitHub, hmmm of course they attended any training or experience it at previous organization, errr idk. ok let’s skip that. For me the most interesting feature in this tools is pull request & branches. This helps to ensure the highest quality of code while meeting your organizations compliance requirements. i also found best practices from other website. it’s similar with what we practice in our organization, only slightly different when creating teams. following are the links that I found.

  • Getting going best practices by Jamie Jones – jbjonesjr. Click here.
  • Top GitHub best practices guide for developers [expanded Dec 2019] by datree.io. Click here.